A “Delight in the cup”, since 1950.

Azeglio, a legend
become espresso.

Espresso according to Azeglio
For us in Italy espresso coffee is a real institution. It is part of our culture and one of the many symbols of our Mediterranean lifestyle that identify us in the world. The relationship between espresso coffee and us is a real lovestory, there is something deep that links us to the “delicious cup” and that instant of pleasure that often affects our day. For this reason coffee must be good.

The legend
The legend of “Mister Espresso” was born in the Fifties, when Azeglio,the legendary  founder of Caffè Haiti Roma, began his extraordinary voyage in the world of Espresso Coffee. From the very beginning he decided that excellence would have been the peculiar feature of his blends, and began to develop a manufacturing method in which the “heart” and the skilful hand of the roasting artisan were fundamental. This is what, according to Azeglio, makes a coffee blend unique; the choice of excellent green coffee, a loving and meticolous mix of all the steps of green coffee manufacturing, the great passion for coffee and roasting. And it is this passion in making his blends, together with the excellent quality of the coffee he managed to obtain, that has made him gain the epithet of “Mister Espresso”, a name that since 1950 has signed only blends that could meet the requirements of a perfect espresso coffee.

Quality as one corporate philosophy
Today, as fifty years ago, “Mister Espresso's philosophy of quality” is still vivid in our roasting company, and takes shape in a special blend dedicated to our founder. Caffè Azeglio is a healthy artisanal product, the result of many years of knowledge, and reflects the artisanal essence and the quality that derives from it. “Caffè Azeglio” was born from the careful selection of green coffee at the beginning, that, after being properly roasted following a particular artisanal method, are made extremely suitable for espresso bar processing, that exclusive coffee process that brings into the cup only the excellence of the blend.