The Italian style of the real espresso coffee.

Caffè Azeglio.
The Founder's coffee blend

Many years have passed since the foundation of our roasting company, and we have decided to dedicate to our founder a new blend named after him, and that represented at its best his idea of quality espresso coffee. So “with an intense aroma, that renews the tradition of our roasting company with a proposal that can be appreciated by a wide range of Italian Espresso lovers is a perfect balance of taste and aroma, and is the result of a careful research on raw materials, green coffee coming from the best plantations, and a slow and artisanal roasting.

The coffee blend of the founder “Caffè Azeglio” can be bought exclusively in our e-shop in threetype of packages, freshly roasted:

"Caffè Azeglio" 1kg package in beans

"Caffè Azeglio" 250 gr. package ground

"Caffè Azeglio" 250 gr. package in beans

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